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Energy Activation Mist

Manifest your heart's desire

Hand-crafted with love and the intention of powerful manifestation

Congratulations, beautiful soul for stepping into the space of conscious manifestation! 

Your Energy Activation Mist is designed to be used as part of a ritual. 


Every day, at least once, preferably throughout the day use your energy activation mist to invoke the feeling sensation and emotion of NOW experiencing your desire as your current REALITY. 

Do this in several ways:

  • Use your mist when you notice 11:11, 1:11 or other numerology you often see in time or another number sequence/pattern.

  • Play a song you love, tune into the emotion and connect it to your desire. Listen often, every day or at least several times a week and visualize your desire.

  • Simply close your eyes, breathe, then mist and feel the crystallization of your desire within your being as the droplets touch your skin.

  • Visualize at any time of day. Remember visualization works with the infusion of your feeling state.

  • Use the guided audio to listen at any time to support your manifesting process.

Make your ritual your own where you learn how to activate and use energy, molding your desire into being. Have fun! 

Download the audio here.

How it works

This handcrafted product utilizes the energies of crystals, essential oils, molecular water patterning via the use of words and intention.


Crystals used: clear quartz, citrine and rose quartz, selected for their frequencies of creating balance, harmony, prosperity, power and love.

100% Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Ylang Ylang for their calming and relaxing attributes supporting your tranquility and faith that your desire is manifesting.

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