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Freedom Frequency Own your Worth and Lead



Freedom Frequency is foundational program which will take you on a journey of personal discovery, so you can design and develop a unique business

while understanding how to grow a community. 


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Know, and own your worth and learn to lead a community of people who value, and invest in what you have to offer while you create needed change in the world.

This guidance you help you deepen your personal healing, master your self expression,

and authentically attract a community of students, and clients who want to invest in your wisdom.

Freedom Frequency is a powerful self paced program, with the option to add

one on one coaching.



HEAL AND RETURN TO WHOLENESS - The beginning of a sustainable and lasting endeavor starts with a solid foundation based on your wellbeing.

  • Crowd out self-sabotaging behavior+ unhealthy compulsive habits

  • Become an Intentional Investigator of Self

  • Begin to uncover the Soul Root Reason of disempowering beliefs, actions, and patterns in your life and the way you do "work".

  • Awaken your intuition + and direct your healing.


SEEK DEEPER KNOWLEDGE OF SELF- With returned energy and clarity, you will be guided to go within, to access the solutions and answers you need to teach, lead and grow a NEW EARTH business.

  • Deprogram yourself from the matrix and break out of conformism and outdated ways of doing business

  • Create order and clarity in new routines

  • Develop & strengthen your intuition through personalized spiritual practices

  • Rally your Spiritual Support Team

  • Shift your subconscious patterns at the root via the Soul Remembrance Process.


EXPRESS YOUR TRUE ESSENCE- As you begin to remember who you truly are, you naturally begin to communicate with clarity, confidence, and conviction. You become magnetic to those you are meant to serve and lead.

  • Practice your self-expression and expand your creativity

  • Find your authentic voice and style of communicating

  • Prepare to speak, present and guide others

  • Uncover unique gifts, talents, and approach

  • Develop innovative solutions through your services, programs, and offers


CONNECT TO PROSPERITY- As you begin to serve and lead, you become the embodiment of the value you bring to the world.


  • Value your offerings (pricing of services)

  • Design a solid structure for promoting your service that is aligned with your personal pace, personality, and lifestyle.

  • Raise your wealth consciousness

  • Experience greater freedom in how you live and fulfill your soul's mission by embodying your Freedom Frequency.


LEAD A COMMUNITY THAT VALUES YOU- When you embody your freedom frequency you liberate yourself to lead transparently, authentically, and powerfully. You birth innovation. You create the New Earth.


  • Create a community that you belong to

  • Plan unique marketing strategies to confidently promote your offerings

  • Guide others to invest in your offers with ease

  • Feel safe, secure, and supported as a leader


Freedom Frequency Testimonial Lesley
"When I first started the Freedom Frequency program, my biggest challenge was not using my voice to speak up for myself. I was passively going through life, allowing others to dictate to me how things should and should not be done. 
I have been able to see how situations in my childhood, and even in my family lineage, contributed to this way of living. This has helped me speak up for myself in personal situations as well as in relation to what I offer:
helping children and families, who struggle with being seen or heard overcome communication and body blockages so that they can participate in meaningful activities as independently as possible.
I continue to use the information to help me be supportive towards others in ways that honor and give value to my time and my energy."  
Lesley Moses- Occupational Therapist
Freedom Frequency Testimonial Christiana

"My biggest challenges before taking this course I was feeling alone in losing my job due to the injection mandate and also being scared to try something new on my own.


This course has given me a sense of community and has helped me feel that I am not alone. 


It is amazing being a part of a group with like-minded people and Monica has been so helpful and encouraging.


I have been going at my own pace so I still have some work to do, but the community has helped me to realize that my dreams are truly possible! 


I am very grateful for Monica and this wonderful community!"

Christiana Galella - Healthy Living Expert

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