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A 21 Day Re-Program for Your Mind and Soul

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If someone asked you right now.. "Do you want to make more money ?"

I bet your answer would be  "YES !"

Whether you're making 50k or multiple 6 figures or a million and beyond.. the desire to make more money is simply...


LIFE wanting to have greater expression through you!

I have been studying wealth consciousness for almost a decade and most recently applied this knowledge to completely transform my finances and I can show you how to do the same thing.

So what's my story and why should you trust me?


Due to a series of unfortunate events in my life in

2017 I lost almost everything; my health, most of my

income and possessions and my home.

I barely made 20k in the first 11 months of 2017 and

then in December of that year I created my first 20k month and most recently I created my first 20k day...using the practical guidelines and rituals outlined in this 21 day REPROGRAM.

Money Magic and Mindset is a journey to untangling and re-programming your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and habits around money so you can FREE yourself up to make more money and in less time.

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There are so many myths around money, for instance: in order to make more money you have to work harder.

It's simply not true. I actually work way less now then when I was making 20k or 65k.

Another myth: having more money is not spiritual.

This one drives me crazy!! As a devout faithful person I can tell you this is bullshit.


In fact in order to fully evolve as a person on ALL levels (mentally, physically and spiritually) you MUST have money and A LOT of it.


Are YOU ready to break through the limiting beliefs that are you keeping you from having the kind of money you know you deserve and desire?

Money Magic and Mindset starts on Friday, November 9, 2018

This is your chance to work with me in an intimate group virtual experience, where you get a ton of attention and access to a community of like minded souls on a similar path!

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  • A Private Face Book Group with Office Hours to answer All of Your Q.'s

  • 2 Weekly Face Book Live Classes Personally Taught by Me (6 classes total)

  • 1:1 Mentoring During Each of the Live Classes

  • Weekly Email Reminders To Keep You on Track

  • Access to My Personal Arsenal of Resources

  • Guided Audios To Support your Flow State

  • Downloadable PDF's full of Secret Rituals, Practices and Money Magic

  • LIFETIME access to each NEW round of the program so you can take it over and over again and keep strengthening your skills!

Money in Hands

OMG..Money Magic and Mindset is only 350.00!

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Or Choose a Payment Plan Option of 2 payments of $1

by clicking HERE

Call me crazy but I've decided to ONLY charge 260.00

for this 21 Day Intimate Group RE-Program with me!

(A combined value of over $3,000)


Because I'm giving you a NO EXCUSES opportunity to learn and make the changes you say you want.

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"I'm no longer scared to invest in myself. I know I will make that money back

and so much more. I've already made more than I did last year from our work. "

"I finally understand what money is and it feels so good to be able to use it for my growth. I have the money and more is coming! I feel it and am so excited!"

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About Monica Maria.png

Hi, I'm Monica Maria, daughter of a nun in old world Colombia, descendant of medicine men and women, a teacher, a master healer and high level business mentor. I'm also a New York City woman building an empire of conscious business owners who are changing the world.

As a lover of growth and evolution I am here to support you OWN who you are, through helping you raise your awareness, heal yourself  and claim your value through the service you bring to the world...

because your success is our collective success!

Copyright 2018 Monica Maria Aparicio and The Lifestyle Lounge

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