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Re - Invent


in Bali

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A Soulful Women's Retreat

AUGUST 5-11, 2017

Re - Invent   re·in·vent ˌrēinˈvent/

verb: change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new

Are you on the midst of major transition and change in your life?

Re-invention can feel very scary, because it requires change and courage and it’s usually really big change in the most significant areas of your life too….


Your career, Your relationships, Your health


“Why does it have to all happen at once?  Why does it have to feel so hard? "

You may ask.

Have you ever heard the saying:  “The breakdown always comes before the breakthrough?”

Re - Birth

Sister, what we can tell you, is this:


There is something BIG on the verge of occurring and while it unfolds you don’t have to feel alone or deprive yourself of the joy of having fun while experiencing deeper clarity, healing, and support.


There’s an incredible beauty in witnessing re-birth, just like a baby chick cracks through the shell of it's existence to emerge into it's life, so can you experience the excitement of reinventing your life!

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable journey into the reinvention and recreation of the life you truly want to live!

Re - Create

This Soulful Women's Retreat is designed to give you the space you need – outside of your busy, full life to slow down, quiet down and literally start breathing new life back into yourself.


Join an intimate group of women who are ready to step into the unknown with full on support and in a beautiful environment where you can feel calm, peace of mind and the joy of discovering and clarifying what you really want!

A Live Event Production of The Lifestyle Lounge
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