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(when you feel isolated and scared)

If you're feeling isolated and scared, it's normal. I understand.

After being faced with my own loneliness and sadness I have decided to lead this  FREE online event, a SACRED RITUAL if you will, on how to stay spiritual and connected when you feel isolated and scared.

This will be A FREE LIVE EVENT...happening this Sunday, March 22nd, offered via video conference so WE can see and "BE" with each other. You also have the option of calling a telephone line.

I will share with you how to:

  • Set up a sacred space in your home so you can enter into a DEEP experience with yourself - especially if you are in isolation

  • Engage in self-soothing practices especially if you feel like you need touch, affection and human interaction

  • Connect to a sense of safety and groundedness so you can release anxiety, relax your mind and support your body's wellbeing

  • Establish inner peace and trust in the DIVINE so you can cultivate inner strength and show up to be of service to your family, community, and clients

Enter your info, below and I will send you the access and recording

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