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The audience at Sustainable Success Live Event, NYC

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We believe letting yourself be seen and heard as exactly who you are will prepare you to become a successful, powerful and authentic leader of your community. We value knowing that it is 100% safe to show up as ourselves.
We believe planning an organized structure for your business is NOT hard or overwhelming when you fully value yourself and have others around you reminding you as well. It's also much more fun!
We believe it is time to redefine what it means to "run a business" so we can experience freedom, as we create New Earth communities that support our business success. We let go of conforming to old structures and belief systems about what it takes to be successful.
We believe that in order to change the world we must start with our personal healing. We believe in changing our approach to the way we "work" and live. We do not go along with the status quo in any aspect of business or any part of our lives to fulfill our mission.

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Pathways of Ritual, private client event, NYC


Monica Maria is a South American generational medicine woman, who carries the heritage of healing in her blood.


She is a native New Yorker now residing in her motherland of Colombia, where she leads Prosperity Mastery Retreats with Plant Medicine Ceremony, Breathwork and Astrology for business design.


As a Spiritual Mediator, she is the bridge that helps other leaders remember who they really are so they can experience the highest level of prosperity with their soul's work.


Monica Maria is the Founder of the Psychology of Prosperity, a movement dedicated to teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to fully trust themselves so that they can create true and lasting wealth.

About Monica Maria Aparicio

As a Master Healer and Spiritual Business Mentor, she guides her clients to heal and become leaders in their lives and in their communities, with a variety of tools she has collected throughout her 30 years of involvement in the personal growth, spiritual and wellness fields.


Monica has supported 100's holistic entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses through the Sustainable Success, and Lifestyle Lounge events she created and produced in New York City from 2012 to 2020.


She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Clairaudient Intuitive, Akashic Records Reader, Biodynamic Breath work Facilitator, Life Path Astrology Reader, and a student of Universal Law, and Wealth Consciousness for thirteen years. 

Come hang out with Monica inside of her Facebook Group where you are encouraged to share your work.

Find out more about Monica's signature foundation training program, Freedom Frequency.

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