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Run a thriving business that serves humanity because you shift your DNA to align to the frequency of ease, and abundance.

Heighten your psychic connection to your business, so you know what to do and when, and turn marketing into an enjoyable, and intuitive process.

Feel confident to speak and communicate the depth of your message as you live your truth at your core.

Receive 5 to 10x's more than EVER before for your service in the world.

Experience time, and location freedom while you fulfill your divine mission.


Imagine, you...
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These are all actual client results, and they can be yours too.


I serve trailblazing, spiritual women entrepreneurs, on a mission to expand the consciousness of the planet through the highest expression of their soul's purpose...


LEADERS, who are not afraid to break the old paradigms of

"doing business" to liberate their true self-expression, and create lasting wealth based on spiritual principles, and occult wisdom.

My clients are here to cause ripples of transformation, while experiencing a rich, prosperous, and fulfilling life that leaves a legacy of freedom for our world.

Private VIP Experiences

Every private VIP experience is highly personalized, and custom to each client. Blending spirit led business strategy, with occult wisdom, intuition, and guided healing practices to help you collapse time, and evolve your soul purpose with enjoyment


Group Experiences, and Offerings

Every group experience provides a supportive and intimate environment where you will receive a high level of attention, and guidance, and can connect to a like-minded community. Get the best of one on one attention, and energy of group in all of my hybrid group offerings.

Training Programs, and Certifications

Receive the training you need to further your expertise as a healer, coach and a prosperous
New Earth Business Owner, and Leader.

Membership Club, and Masterclasses

Access a high caliber of knowledge, spanning 3 decades of learning, from a master teacher, and educator. Monthly membership, and masterclass offerings are for seekers of truth, and passionate lovers of wisdom.