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A 6-month life & business

training and coaching VIRTUAL program




Advanced Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program



 Program begins September 12th, 2019

Become trained and certified in Ancestral

Earth based wisdom

Access personal clarity and healing for your life while learning and integrating the professional application into

your new or existing business

Receive expert business coaching to support your

expansion and success


This training is delivered via 8 modules

taught LIVE throughout 6 months


Module 1: Rhythms and Cycles

Create a foundation for your life, 

Understand time and when to take appropriate action

In this module you will learn how to observe, understand and utilize Earth's natural existing cycles such as the 24 hour day, the shift in seasons as well as the relationship to the moon and how we are governed by the changing phases. Find your ebb and flow and establish personal energy management with the use of Earth's elements.


Module 2: Ancestral Healing and Shamanism

Heal and return to your natural whole state,

Reclaim your self worth and establish personal ownership

In this module you learn how to dismantle personal blockages and uncover the soul root reason manifesting as dis-ease and life challenges by accessing the wisdom of our ancestors. Return to a complete state of wholeness by learning about and experiencing a variety of integrative approaches to healing such as breath-work, sound healing, plant medicine and ancestral work.


Module 3: Ceremony and Invocation 

Step into and develop your authentic leadership,

Find and use your voice and authority

This module teaches you the power of intention and focus and how to create anything from within through the use of spoken word, invocation and ceremony. Learn how to set up sacred space, build an altar and hold powerful healing space for yourself and others.


Module 4: The Business of Facilitating Healing  

Create a strong foundation for the success of your practice

Set up a supportive structure to guide you

In this module learn how to design solid containers in alignment with your true essence, to transmit your work and facilitate transformative healing for your clients. Create (or evolve) a system for delivering your content, programs, packages and pricing. Learn best practices with client communication, such as outlining client contracts that honor and respect boundaries between you and your clients.


Module 5: Soul Aligned Success and Leadership

Speaking and establishing your expertise 

Embodying personal and professional leadership

Feeling the support of your ancestral lineage begin to use your voice to develop soul copy and language and magnetically market and attract soul aligned clients to you. Design your signature talk and learn how to use live events to speak and make clear call to action and invitations into working with you. Develop your authentic leadership and confidently stand as the soul aligned expert you are.


Module 6: The Rhythms and Cycles of Business

Establish the foundation for your business

Plan every facet of business according to natural rhythms and cycles

In this module learn how to plan the activities of your business, such as times of promotion, delivery, launches and visibility in congruence with the natural cycles of Earth and the activity of the cosmos that effect our collective consciousness. Understand how to use seasonal and personal shifts to organize your business with the most ease, grace and effectiveness.


Module 7: Sacred Relationship to Money

Live and work at the intersection of spirituality and wealth

This module focuses on supporting you to establish and strengthen a sacred relationship to money and selling.  Understand and connect to the abundance of nature and increase the flow of money energy while serving at your highest.Beyond mindset work, this learning teaches you how to grow your faith, the current of currency.

Module 8: Visioning into the Future 

Vision and embody the highest version of yourself

Serve at your highest 

Embody self mastery through the use of visualization and envisioning the highest version of you, your life, your work and service in the world. Learn and put into lifelong practice the art of visioning and manifestation.

Apply now to be a part of the first class of students

  • Two Virtual Classes Taught Live Each Month

  • Audio and Written Resources to support your learning

  • A Private Facebook Group for additional accountability

  • Individual review of your business 

  • Certificate of completion upon meeting all requirements

  • Special Student Savings to The Shamanic Healing Retreat in Colombia and other live events

  • Option to upgrade and receive VIP 1:1 mentoring for the highest level of support

"Working with Monica changed my life in ways I did not imagine. I was able to recognize the value of my work and operate my business. I’m eternally grateful to Monica and this experience. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made." - Steve M.

"Energy cleared and shifted in the right way during our time together, I feel the change in myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you do! I am for sure, a better leader, healer, businesswoman because of our work together. My clients are getting better results because of our work together." - Chinyere W.


feather Monica
Monica Maria Aparicio

Monica Maria, Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Healer and Global Mentor guides leaders and visionaries to heal at a profound soul level, reclaim their power and evolve their purpose, passion and prosperity. 

She has coached alumni of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition with their health coaching businesses as well as clients around the world. Monica's business events for wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs have been featured inside The New York Times Building, The Wix Lounge, District Co-Work, Primary, The Gansvoort Hotel and in schools of the Department of Education of New York.

Monica Maria has 28 years of experience in the personal growth + development field (12 years experience with ancestral medicine). She is a Certified Master Reiki Healer, BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and Infinite Soul Records' Reader. Monica Maria was a Fine Arts Educator for 12 years in the New York City Public School system and holds a Master of Science in Education and Psychology. 

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