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Do you have an awesome idea for an event?


Have you had a hard time being successful with events in the past?


Were you dissapointed by the turn out or perhaps you worked your butt off to barely break even?

Well, if you love bringing people together and you want to finally create success with events then I invite you into an....

This 85-minute session is designed to support you with the planning, designing and executing components of your successful event.

Together, you and I will create:


A Detailed Timeline for your event - know exactly what you need to focus on and do in the months, weeks and days leading up to your event


A Promotion and Marketing Plan - understand exactly how to get people through the door so you pack the house!


Your Successful Event Schedule - execute your event with calm confidence so that you ensure success


Plus you will also receive:

Preliminary Email Review- We start the process with a preliminary review of your event idea which you submit to me before we speak. Here, you can ask me questions that I can answer on our live session. This review will also allow me to I begin crafting an ideal plan based on what you are wanting to create.


Follow Up Email Access – you can use this follow up email at any time after your live session to ask one specific question you have with any stage of your event development, planning and execution.


Listen, I've been where you are.
I understand your deep desire and struggle to spread your message and
to work with as many people that want to hear what you have to say.
I know how difficult it is to create events because for years my workshops usually capped at 10 attendees, even when I had a business partner (in my other business.)
Today, my events are highly successful, making me 10x's the amount of money I invest to have them- every single time, so I don't lose money anymore.
Not only have I grown my own business through events, I have built a beautiful community that is invested in my message and work.
If you are ready to step up into the next level of leadership in your work, I can show you exactly how to leverage your wisdom and skills through events.
When you work with me you won't be working with an event planner or a production company you're working with an individual who knows exactly how you can go from having small workshops to large scale events attended by 100+ people, just as I have!
It's my belief that bringing groups of people together is a BIG undertaking and absolutely possible when you have the right support.

This Event Strategy Session will support you feeling confident, knowing that you have a solid blueprint for your awesome event.

If you feel called to work together and receive expert guidance I can't wait to

to support you!

To your success,








"I’ve been doing events for a while now, and every time I get stuck on something I call Monica. She is  not  only well connected, but she is so generous with her knowledge, ideas and connections. The most important thing to know about Monica is that everything she does, she does from the heart.  She’s a great person to have on your side when creating remarkable events. "


Lorena Morales

"When planning my one day events, it's been SO VALUABLE to have a constant source of answers based on actual expertise. There are so many details in event planning but with support it is somewhat easier. Having Monica on my team has helped me earn over $5000 on a single event! I will always use her."

Shane Kulman


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