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Walk away clear and confident,
knowing exactly who your ideal clients are,
what to say, and how to show up,
so you can magnetize them into your field!
Lynn created an $8K Monthly Income Increase!
After implementing what she learned about her Star Aligned clients, Lynn was able to scale her sales with more ease.

Knowing exactly what her clients needed from her, give them the confidence to say “Yes” to their own transformation.

"This reading was one of the most powerful investments I’ve made in my business."
  Lynn Louise Larson
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So HOW do you create the clarity and confidence to attract your most, ideal clients based on the stars? 
Well...Did you know
that there is a unique treasure map for your business
(and every area of your life) encoded in your astrological natal chart, or as I call it..

"the snapshot of energy"' specific to the time and location you were born?

When your natal chart is translated using Life Path Astrology it becomes a clear map for the success of your business.
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Star-aligned client attraction is not just some spiritual woo-woo crap, it's an art form based on the science of astronomy.

Access this occult wisdom, and use it to design a personal and precise ideal client attraction plan!


  • WHO your ideal client is energetically, and what is their specific archetype 

  • HOW to speak to your ideal clients, so they immediately understand you are the one to help them

  • WHAT the specific focus of your methodology is, so it solves your clients' problems at the root

  • WHAT natural gift and skill you possess that might be missing from your work that will make your offers stand out and sell out

  • HOW to put it all together to make client attraction second nature for you and your business

You know this is for you!
Because you are a trailblazer ready to experience freedom and alignment in your business
while you say "GOODBYE" to copying strategies!
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 Relax as you gracefully fill up your events, memberships,
and programs with people that you absolutely love to work with, using astrology and ancient cosmic wisdom. 

Receive the massive appreciation that only your ideal clients; the people that your soul is meant to serve,
can give you,

by understanding the profound soul connection
that is encoded in your natal chart,
and how it mirrors their energy.

so THEY can see, feel and KNOW that YOU are
the ONE to help them...
because it is literally written in the stars!

Join me for this powerful Masterclass experience, where you will tap into ALL the must-know information
about your star-aligned clients,
and how to organically attract them to your offers!

Inside STAR ALIGNED 2 post (1700 × 856 px).png
that feels natural, and true to who you are!
  • Learn the Spiritual Secrets of star-aligned client attraction
  • Create your clear, and personal Ideal Client Attraction Map 
  • Receive Lifetime Access to the Masterclass
  • PLUS FREE access to future updates of the class
  • Ask questions, and receive expert coaching from Monica Maria  inside the Private FB Group 
  • Plus Special Bonuses
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Black Sky

Hi! I'm Monica Maria, a spiritual teacher, and 5D Intuitive business mentor and the Founder of the Psychology of Prosperity.

I LOVE helping you break out of outdated 3D business "strategies" that don't work for you and into a highly personalized and intuitive approach that feels easy and graceful because it is aligned with your energy.

I have been involved in the areas of personal growth, spirituality, and well-being for over 30 years, 12 of those years business mentoring. 

​I've supported hundreds of Spiritual Trailblazers to launch and grow their conscious businesses through the LIVE healing, and business conferences I produced in New York City from 2012 to 2019.


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