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Walk away knowing exactly what actions to take to create success.

No more doing what you "think" is a good idea, copying someone else's plan for success
or "industry standard". 

No more second-guessing, feeling disconnected or taking actions that feel contrived. act from alignment, from having deep conviction, and confidence
because you are guided by a personalized plan, created by higher wisdom...

A plan that allows you to be fully self-expressed as you plan your
workshops, events, and program launches.

A plan that allows you to attract your ideal clients authentically because it is
aligned with your unique

personal astrology,
personal numerology,
sacred knowledge and your intuition.

I invite you to design a 
divine plan for prosperity, encoded with the specific energy
within YOU!


Blinding Diamonds

Reserve your seat for this prosperity planning session, and masterclass, which includes lifetime access, and a private Facebook community with additional coaching.


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